Hartford officer fires shots at fleeing suspect

Police pursue suspect after shoplifting incident
Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 12:22:34-04

HARTFORD -- A wild chain of events started with a shoplifting and ended with an officer shooting at a suspect in Hartford Friday evening.

"It's kinda crazy, it's kinda crazy," said witness Liz Martin.

Residents that live near Sumner Street and Pond Road are in disbelief after what they saw in their front yard.

Police said they tried to to pull over a car after the alleged shoplifting incident at a nearby Walmart when it crashed at that intersection.

The suspect in the car, a 20 year old Milwaukee man, then jumped out and ran up to a neighbor's pick up and drove off. 

"He [a neighbor] was standing outside the car when it was stolen," said witness Pat Pagac. 

The man who had his truck and trailer stolen was parked at the intersection. Neighbors said he had jumped out of the truck to make sure everything was secure in the trailer before he left the neighborhood. 

"He could have been hurt," Pagac said.

Police said when the suspect got into the truck he drove at the officer. The police officer then shot at the suspect multiple times, but officials said he was not hit.

Nearby residents said they feared for their own safety when they heard gunshots. They ran back inside their houses and locked their doors, unsure where the suspect was heading. 

"I'm thankful that the cops got here in time and took care of business. So thank you to the police," Tom Pagac said. 

Police said the suspect then drove the stolen pick up into downtown where it read ended another car. The suspect then got out and ran off into a nearby business. That is where police caught and arrested him.

The man is facing several charges.