Wisconsin's Josh Bilicki talks NASCAR on ice, holiday food drive and more

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jan 17, 2023

Richfield NASCAR driver Josh Bilicki helped the holiday food drive with his sponsor, Zeigler Auto Group.

"With inflation, with everything else?" Bilicki says. "You know, there's people that might not be able to eat as much as they want to or you know, they might struggle. And especially at Christmas time, you know, you're buying a lot of gifts or giving back to other people. And some people put other people first. And then they have to suffer for it."

"So I went to the grocery store, and I don't normally do my shopping," Bilicki says. "So maybe I had to do a quick Google search of what to buy or what not to buy. But I filled a whole grocery cart and I delivered it myself. I used to go to church at St. Boniface. And they serve my local community. You know, I live in Washington County so try to give back to my community."

Complete with ugly Christmas sweaters. And Bilicki has a favorite.

"Somebody had a picture of Dwight, on his shirt," Bilicki says. "It was pretty funny. But I'm a big Office guy so I thought that was pretty funny. I wore a Santa onesie that didn't quite fit me. But luckily it was only from here up you could see."

Bilicki spends his offseason racing dirt midget cars at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma and closer to home near Superior, Wisconsin.

"I'm racing a race called NASCAR on ice," Bilicki says. "And it's very easy. If you guys want to buy tickets, go to But yeah, myself and a couple other NASCAR drivers are going to drive old NASCAR race cars on ice. It's exactly what it sounds like. Something I've never done. I've raced a snowmobile on ice. In Eagle River. But I've never an actual NASCAR race car on ice."

As for his NASCAR plans, Bilicki says he will participate in the Xfinity race at Daytona and plans to be in the NASCAR Trucks race at the Milwaukee Mile in August.

According to Motor Sports, NASCAR’s race on ice was put on hold because of global supply-chain issues.

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