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Wisconsinites stock up on supplies for Super Bowl parties

Posted at 1:58 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 14:58:31-05

Even without the Packers, fans are still gearing up for Super Bowl LII.

"I'd be a lot more excited if my team was in it," Pam Helms of Milwaukee said. "So that was a big wah, wah, waah."

"The commercials and the food," Lauren Schimmels said. "That's why I like Packers games anyway."

While fans will be gearing up with the usual brats and wings, Tony Brown, Vice President of meat at Metro Market, says ribs are also on the menu. 

"Put your favorite rub and sauce it up," Brown said. "It's really an exciting item to lead your gameday experience."

While preparing all of this food, it can be tough with little ones around. That's why Mom of the Year, Genna Viso suggests getting them involved. Let them draw on the brown paper bags you get from the super market so they have a place mat or let them decorate cookies or even chicken nuggets with "ketchup laces" like a football.

"I like to get the kids involved because it gives them something to do," Viso said. "It helps me focus and prep for my gameday plans."

If Packers fans could have it their way, Green Bay would be in the big game. That's not possible, but hosts can let their guests have it their way with a make your own snack mix bar. 

"You can customize your own treat or snack," Mike Mezaros said. "It's a healthy alternative as well. It beats a bag of chips."

But for the Super Bowl, calories don't count.

"Cheesey stuff," Helms said. "Cheesey hot dips."

"I'll probably bring brie or something," Schimmels said. "Is that too bougie for the Super Bowl?"