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Wisconsinites step up to help one another during freezing rain, ice event

Posted at 7:34 PM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-22 20:34:21-05

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsinites helping one another is not something new, but it was on full display Tuesday as neighbors helped one another put down salt.

One Milwaukee man worked overtime to ensure those walking by his home stayed safe.

Christopher Olson has called Milwaukee's south side home for nearly four years.

"I went through four bags into the fifth bag right now," Olson said. "They are 80 pound bags. So, it's pretty bad."

More than 320 pounds of salt covered his sidewalk and his neighbors.

Olson said he is putting down a lot of salt to ensure people's safety, and shield them from the pain he endured when he slipped on ice eight years ago.

"I slipped and fell and broke my ankle, shoulder and my neck," Olson said. "For me, it's important because I slipped and fell before. I just don't want to see somebody else go through it."

So, he plans to continue to put down salt every couple of hours.

"It's not a matter of can insurance and can you be fixed. It's a matter of not letting it happen," he said.

People helping people is something Olson said went far beyond his neighborhood.

"It was amazing. A guy just walked up behind me and said let me do that for you. He put the salt on the cart for me," he said.

While some Wisconsinites were able to stay home during this ice event, some ventured out into the elements for various reasons.

Two men and a truck driver Chris McKnight has been on the job for six years. As if moving wasn't difficult already just add on the ice.

McKnight said when he woke up this morning he thought he would be working in the office. He quickly found that was not the case.

TMJ4's Ubah Ali caught up with him and his partner as they were on move number two.

Beyond the slipping, he said the ice conditions have added time to each move.

"This move probably would have taken two hours just to load, but we've been here for three hours," McKnight said.

McKnight added that this ice event is not the worst weather condition he's worked through.

"I'm here everyday and fight through all types of weather," McKnight smiled.

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