Wisconsinites grumble as April snow falls

Posted at 9:55 PM, Apr 08, 2016

GRAFTON -- 20 days into Spring, and Winter strikes again.

"Do you not realize that it's April? I can tolerate this in March, but not April," explained Lisa Benson, Grafton.

At this point Christine Decker is rebelling.

"I refuse to put on my winter coat," said Christine Decker, Grafton.

This is not a welcomed snow for most.

"He's always like 'why are you still surprised it happens every year?' It doesn't mean I have to like it," said Stephanie Rougvie, Port Washington.

After such a mild Winter, some expected a snowy April.

"I wasn't surprised," said Monica Benson, Grafton.

The snow didn't stick on the roads, but it still made for difficult driving.

"They were pretty close to white out conditions like driving in a blizzard, like I was driving in the middle of January," explained Lisa Benson.

Fern Kannenberg put her snow scraper away for the season. She has a message for Mother Nature.

"Bring on the sunshine."