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Wisconsin wilderness expert gives tips to help Packers fans stay warm during Saturday's playoff game

It is the Frozen Tundra, after all
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Posted at 9:03 PM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-21 21:18:51-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — As thousands of Packers fans brace for frigid temperatures during Saturday's divisional playoff game at Lambeau Field, a Wisconsin wilderness expert offers some unexpected tips to help people stay warm.

Fans from far and near are already bracing Wisconsin's cold weather.

Josef Holler traveled from Clarksville, Tennessee to visit Lambeau Field Thursday. He'll be attending the playoff game in-person Saturday and is building up stamina to sit through the expected bitter cold.

"Layers, layers and lots of layers," Holler said. "You've got to have your hand warmers and your foot warmers. It's all I know, because it's going to be cold!"

Nick Gordon, Now Outdoors owner & lead guide, said layers are a good idea in freezing weather. But there are smart ways to use them.

"Somebody will try wearing three jackets, or four or five pairs of gloves, and you just sweat," Gordon said. "You need to be able to trap warm air, but also have breathable layers."

Gordon said people should wear three or four layers to stay warm:

  • Base layer: Light sweater with fabric like merino wool; avoid cotton
  • Insulating layer: Fleece or wool
  • Outdoor layer: Winter coat, puff jacket

"The rule of thumb is lots of light, loose layers, versus a couple of really bulky layers that weigh you down," Gordon said.

A hat and scarf will help keep the head and neck warm.

Instead of one thick pair of gloves, Gordon said people can wear light wool or fleece gloves inside of a larger pair to add an extra layer of warmth.

“Your hands and feet sweat a lot. More than people like to admit. And if you have one pair of heavy gloves on, you’re going to get sweated up by the third quarter," Gordon said. "Your hands are going to get cold and you’re going to be uncomfortable. “

Gordon said people shouldn't wear multiple pairs of socks: Doing so can constrict the feet and prevent good blood flow, which naturally warms the feet. Wearing one or two pairs of socks, avoiding cotton, will do the job.

Before putting boots on, Gordon said people can add material like felt, cardboard or foam to the insole for more warmth.

"Adding something underneath your feet to isolate your feet from that cold ground is going to be key," Gordon said.

What you eat and drink can affect how warm people are, too. For those who enjoy simple pleasures of tailgate food, like brats, burgers and cheese, there's some good news:

"It's all good. Calories in the cold are fantastic," Gordon said.

He added people should drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially if they're drinking any alcoholic beverages.