Wisconsin to receive only portion of money for I-94 work

The state was hoping to have half paid for
Posted at 12:06 PM, Jun 06, 2018

MADISON -- The state of Wisconsin will be receiving $86 million less than what it requested from the federal government to pay for upgrades and expansion of Interstate 94 south of Milwaukee in conjunction with the Foxconn Technology Group project.

News that the state was being awarded only $160 million after requesting $246 million raises questions about how the rest of the roadwork will be paid for.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Wednesday announced that the state would be getting $160 million from the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grant. The money will go toward I-94 in Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee counties.

The state was counting on receiving the full grant amount to pay for about half of the entire cost of the interstate project.

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