Wisconsin sets new record for seat belt use

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 19:35:20-04

Wisconsin just broke a historic state record. The Department of Transportation recently reported 88 percent of drivers say they wear their seat belts, which is up more than 3 percent from a similar survey last year.

This good news, in conjunction with Child Passenger Safety Week, pushes State Patrol and DOT to try for 100 percent usage.

Although seat belt safety usage is at an all time high in Wisconsin, that doesn't mean proper belting techniques for certain age groups is common knowledge. Since motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children, Wisconsin State Patrol Lieutenant Nathan Clark says it's important parents learn how to buckle up their children.

"In Traffic Safety we always talk about the three E's: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement, and a big component of that is education, " says Clark.

Through the DOT website you can find links to videos that teach step-by-step car seat installation. There are also links to find seasoned professionals in your area that can install it for you.

Clark continued,"Just simply having a child seat in there doesn't necessarily make them any safer if it's not installed appropriately."

Mother of two teenagers, Tracky Nickolaus, agrees that having this week is important, because your kids are always watching. "They never get into a car and not buckle up. I think it's just ingrained in their habits. When they start driving, they will be buckling up, when they leave my driveway," says Nickolaus.

Child Passenger Safety week ends this Saturday. But DOT and State Patrol say you can continue learning about seat belt safety for both adults and children through the following websites:

Wisconsin DOT safety resources

Zero in Wisconsin - Child safety seats