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Wisconsin podcast about online dangers builds a global audience

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 19:14:35-04

A podcast for Wisconsin families is getting international attention.  

The Wisconsin Department of Justice started PKO (Protecting Kids Online) Podcast to teach parents about internet dangers.  

The hosts were in Milwaukee taping an episode Wednesday. DOJ Programming Manager Dana Miller has a background in education and DOJ Special Agent Carl Waterstreet brings his expertise in law enforcement to the podcast. 

"We've got kind of a different perspective on safety than maybe some other things that are out there as resources," Miller.

"You think about it in your own house and on your phone it doesn't stop there.  It is truly worldwide and through this podcast we are able to connect with people worldwide," said Waterstreet.

Toby Berriman is a kindergarten teacher in training at a school in London who listens to the podcast regularly.

"This podcast is one that I can always consistently guarantee it will be some good content on there that's worth listening to," said Berriman.

He uses PKO as a resource.  

"I start by listening to it myself and then if I find something that's particularly useful I will try and work that into our parent training sessions that we do at our school," said Berriman.

Berriman said they stick the facts and avoid sensationalizing the topics.

"I have always found these podcasts to have just the right level that makes it really accessible to everyone so that the parents can listen and understand what's going on," said Berriman.

Waterstreet said the biggest mistake parents make when it comes to online safety is letting kids use their devices in private places.

"Allowing their kids to take their devices into their bedroom or their bathroom alone," said Waterstreet.

Miller said keeping an open dialogue with your kids is the best advice she can give.

"The same way we would talk to them about what's going on at the school during the day we need to talk to them about what they're doing online too," said Miller.

The podcasts touch on trends and updates to apps and website your kids might be using.   You can download it for free and submit questions here.

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