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Wisconsin parents eager for statewide sales tax holiday

Wisconsin parents eager for statewide sales tax holiday
Posted at 9:52 PM, Aug 01, 2018

It is hard to believe the aisles of stores around the area already have notebooks, pencils, and backpacks filling the shelves.

It may feel like a nightmare to some when they see the "Back to School" placards at the end of those aisles but kids will be back in school within the next month. 

"The 23," Mariana Sierra, a mother of three said about when her kids go back to school. "[It's surprising] especially since today is Aug. 1."

However, shopping this year will be slightly more enjoyable when looking at their wallets. From Aug. 1 to Aug. 5, there will be no sales tax on a number of different items. 

"I'm trying to save a little money," Beth Zepeda of Greenfield said. "My son wants certain colors and backpacks and I figured, I fi can save a couple bucks here or there, I'll do it."

"I got to save wherever I can," Becky Herrera of Milwaukee said. 

Herrera is the mother of six. So while a five percent sales tax may not sound like a lot, it adds up for her. 

"I think it's significant," Herrera said. "Being that there are so many kids to shop for, I think it will help me a lot. Whatever I can do to save, I'm there."

Something echoed by the number of parents out on this first day of the Sales Tax Holiday.

"If you spend 50 dollars on each kid minimum, it's a lot of savings," Sierra said. "I'm really glad Wisconsin is doing it this year. I hope they do it more often."

"It's really important," Zepeda said. "It comes in handy for myself too for stuff I normally wouldn't buy."

The Sales Tax Holiday isn't limited to just school supplies. A number of electronics, clothing and even diapers are also exempt. For a full list of what is exempt from taxes during the holiday, you can find it here.