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Wisconsin native, NASCAR's Matt Kenseth addresses funny interview with Joey Logano

"I'm 99 percent sure he said hello old friend."
Posted at 10:40 PM, Mar 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 23:40:37-05

Matt Kenseth is fluent in two languages. English, and sarcasm.

While the former professional stock car racing driver never sought the limelight, he used his deadpan humor to jump into the NASCAR broadcast booth last weekend.

"Really I think with this new car, it's almost an advantage young guys," Kenseth says. "I tried to pretend like nobody was watching."

Kenseth, a Cambridge, Wisconsin native, wanted to get out of his comfort zone. So being a guest analyst on a national NASCAR broadcast fit that bill.

"Overall, I thought it went really well," Kenseth says. "I did a few dumb things and there's more confusion than I thought there would be at certain times, like when you're on air, when you're not on air, and trying to gather information and figure out everything that's going on at the same time. But, it was really fun."

Including an in-race interview with former arch rival, Joey Logano.

"Hey Joey Logano. This is a voice you'd probably never thought you'd never hear on the radio. This is Matt Kenseth. How's it going?" Kenseth says.

"What's up (bleep)!" Logano says with a laugh.

"I could be wrong," Kenseth says. "All the conspiracy people wanna make a funny story about it could possibly be right. But I'm 99 percent sure he said hello old friend."

Kenseth admits since his NASCAR driving days ended, he's not glued in front of the TV.

"I gotta be honest with you. I haven't watched a ton of races in the last year and a half," Kenseth says. "Just bits and pieces, except for some homework to go out here. Watching the 2020 race on YouTube, finding that kind of stuff. But very few races really just sitting down and watching it."

But a return to racing, could be in his future.

Other than the recliners, TMJ4 News asked Kenseth if he plans on Slinger Nationals

"I hope so," Kenseth says. "I hope to run maybe a couple late model races this year, maybe a few SRX races toward the end of the season, possibly. I didn't get in a race car at all last year so I'm pretty confident I'll get in a car a few times at least this year."

His next race is actually on his two feet. The Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18.

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