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Wisconsin native Don Davey is making another mark in Wisconsin, this time with Firehouse Subs

Posted at 7:53 AM, Nov 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-19 08:54:00-05

Don Davey is one of the rare Wisconsin natives who played high school football. And then for the Badgers. Then the Packers. And now he's making his mark, with Firehouse Subs.

"I still eat there five days a week," Don Davey says. "I mean still love the food. I mean, that's no BS. But I brought my favorite sub shop up to my favorite state."

And giving back to help first responders, is the mission.

"We've now given away I think 3 million dollars total in the state of Wisconsin, to police and firefighters around the state of Wisconsin. So I feel like I'm doing good for my home state as well," Davey says.

But it's his link to the state, high school, Badgers and Packers that he's equally as fond of.

"I think there's only been 12 of us, kids that grew up in the state of Wisconsin. Played their high school football career. Played for the Badgers. And then were drafted by the Green Bay Packers," Davey says. "It was tough for me to leave the Packers. I tell everybody this. I mean, that was my home state. I grew up in Manitowoc. I'm 30 minutes from home. But you know, we had a guy named Reggie White that was pretty tough to beat out."

Yet when Wisconsin customers find out the Firehouse Subs owner is from Wisconsin?

"We got big hardy portions," Davey says. "The biggest complaint we get, is that we don't serve beer. But I'm working on that. So, we don't have beer and we don't have cheese curds, but I'm working on getting those added."

If it's up to Don? He might add, a different drink.

"Well I'm going to embarrass myself in front of the whole state of Wisconsin, my daugther, you know I have five daughters. And three of them are adult age and drinking age, and they started drinking those White Claw things. And I make fun of them. And they're like c'mon Dad try one! And I tried it, and I'm like oh my, these things are good. So I'm like a closet White Claw drinker," Davey says.

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