Wisconsin is packing on the pounds: UW study reveals Milwaukee obesity rates by ZIP Code

Wisconsin is packing on the pounds, and there's a study to prove it.

The University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine and Public Health did a year long study from 2015-2016 on statewide obesity findings organized by ZIP Code.

While data finds more rural areas have higher obesity percentages, there are some outliers. For instance, in Milwaukee County, there is a pocket of five ZIP Codes with percentages at or over 49%. The largest obesity rank in the group is zip code 53218 at 54.1%. 

Residents like Jessika Harlston says it's hard to eat healthy in that area.

"Look at the area that we live in...There's fast food, a lot of fatty things. But you also have to understand that we can't afford [healthy food]," says Harlston.

Having affordable healthy foods is one of several factors for obesity according to the UW study. Other factors like having transportation to grocery stores or having those stores in your neighborhood also play a role. 

Rocketship Public School Administrators Kourtney Vang and  Tynetta Oliver say their school will be one of the only places to offer healthy meals to their children in the area. They say trying to order healthier options from places like Panera or Jimmy Johns isn't an option either, because they won't deliver to them. 

See the study's full findings here.

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