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Wisconsin Herd coach apologizes after calling out referees of Sunday game

Posted at 5:21 PM, Feb 24, 2020

MILWAUKEE — The Wisconsin Herd head coach apologized after he called out Sunday's referees on Twitter.

The Wisconsin G league head coach, Chase Buford, seemed enraged after his team lost a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter.

The team played Grand Rapids on Sunday and following the game, the head coach spoke with reporters about the loss. He told media that he wanted them to tweet the video and tag the league so they could hear what he had to say.

One reporter, did just that. Since then, however, the head coach has apologized for his "unprofessional" behavior.

He wrote in a statement, "I deeply apologize for my behavior following our game against Grand Rapids today. It was unprofessional and I'm embarrassed." He went on to apologize to the referees, the opposing team and their fans, and the Wisconsin Herd organization.

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