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Wisconsin families prepare for 185 Army soldiers to be deployed to Kuwait

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 21:20:22-04

Friday kicked off a 10-month deployment for more than 185 US Army Soldiers headed to Kuwait.

The US Army Reserve hosted a farewell ceremony for troops in the 452nd Combat Hospital Unit. 

At the Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch were among the guest speakers to thank the soldiers and their families for their sacrifice. 

Captain Nathan Quirt holds his baby boy in his arms during the ceremony. He knows little Simon won't quite the same when he gets back after almost 10 months away. But it's part of the job he says. 

"The army does a lot for our family as well, and there's some sacrifices that come along with it. So there's a lot of us here, we all have our own stories our own hardships," said Captain Quirt. 

Major Peter Fallgren appreciates when people thank veterans' spouses, he says they give the soldiers so much and do so much for them. This is his first deployment to Kuwait. As one of the Public Health Nurses. 

There are three missions the hospital will work on: Provide traditional medical care like check ups and treatment of injuries, area medical support for GIs in Kuwait and surrounding areas, and give medical assistance to troops in combat areas. 

"It's sad leaving my family. I'm excited to do what we're trained to do," said Major Fallgren.