Wisconsin drivers will be spending more on gas this summer

Posted at 3:14 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 16:26:08-04
Drivers will be spending at least 40 cents more per gallon by summer, AAA says.
In Wisconsin, local prices are hovering around $2.40 and understandably, residents aren't overjoyed. 
Kevin Moua, a medical transportation driver, says he's already feeling the pressure at work.
"Right now, I put up probably $60 to $90 dollars a day. Yeah that's a lot. I drive about 300 to 400 miles a day," says Moua. 
Across the state drivers are paying 35 cents more than last year. The current average price per gallon is $2.38, but not everyone is paying that much. In the Madison area drivers are paying $2.32 per gallon, while in Green Bay it is $2.38. However, the highest per gallon is right here in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area at $2.44 a gallon.
While filling up her SUV, Fannie DeShazer says these gas prices aren't  going to slow her down. Gas is high, it'll get higher and there's nothing you can do.
"I'm 70 years old, I've got my habits and I'm going to come up here as usual," DeShazer said. "I've got to go to the grocery store, I've got to go to the doctor, I gotta take care of my husband, I gotta go to work, I'm not gonna change anything."
However if you are looking for some easy changes AAA found the top five habits that could save you gas: 
  1. Combine your errands
  2. Drive Less
  3. Reduce Shopping and/or Eating Out
  4. Delay Major Purchases
  5. Carpool
To watch and compare gas prices state by state or nationwide visit  AAA's website.
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