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Wisconsin-based 'Scanalytics' tracking how consumers shop with smart floor technology

Posted at 7:49 PM, Jan 19, 2018

Some new technology made right here in Milwaukee is helping brick and mortar stores compete with shopping online.

We're talking about floor sensors that provide insight into shoppers’ habits and much more.

"It's almost like turning a floor into a touch screen," said Joe Scanlin co-founder and CEO of Scanalytics

"So what we're doing here is providing that same level on intelligence to the physical brick and mortar retailer. We're providing them is the ability to have a platform where they deeply and intimately understand how they can better serve their customers, which helps them with costs and sales."

But these floor sensors focus on other things as well, not just shopping. They also gain accurate information on how people move through space at trade shows, elderly care facilities and commercial office spaces.

"Our customer base, our market is really anyone that has a physical building," said Scanlin.

"We're really excited about being able to understand the consumption of the physical world in general."

Scanalytics is worldwide they have international clients in both Southeast Asia and Europe. Smart floor sensors are also environmentally friendly. They can trigger lights to turn on and off when someone enters a room and they can control air flow which helps with energy costs.