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Wintry weather takes small toll on some small businesses

Posted at 4:33 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 17:33:19-05

With the recent subzero temperatures and snow, businesses are seeing fewer customers come through their doors.

At Boucher Ford in Thiensville, there are no days off, even on a snow day when there isn't any foot traffic.

Their business is outdoors and relies on presentation, so Michael Morrison and the rest of his workers have no choice but to dig out.

"We're like the U.S. Post Office. I mean, we're going to be open rain, sleet, snow," Morrison said. "We have to broom the cars and trucks, and obviously all the snow you see piled up in between the cars has to be moved so then the plow will come through and push it all out."

Morrison said if they don't make any sales, that's OK.

"If I can keep the morale of everybody involved high, I'll make up for it you know tomorrow," he said.

It's easier said than done for small businesses in Whitefish Bay, where some shops closed for the day and others waited for customers to walk in their doors.

Colleen Samolyk, the assistant manager at Just Kidding Kids Hair, said the weather has hurt them a little.

“A lot of cancellations today. It’s quiet. I think the kids just want to get out and play in the snow that we have here,” Samolyk said.

James McMahon has been in the same boat at The Bay Restaurant.

“It’s been back and forth. I think once the weather lets up then a lot more people come out,” McMahon said.

"We're like the U.S. Post Office. I mean, we're going to be open rain, sleet, snow." — Michael Morrison of Boucher Ford in Thiensville

Until that time comes when the snow subsides, they will all keep at it because they know it's something they signed up for.

"This is Wisconsin. It's the most cliche thing anybody can say, but we chose to live here and this is part of the deal," Morrison said.