Winner of tied election in St. Francis could be determined by coin toss

Posted at 7:54 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 11:14:28-04

ST. FRANCIS, WI - The municipal board of canvas for the city of St. Francis needs to break an election day tie after two candidates—running for the same seat—received the same number of votes. 

"The board of canvas will meet tomorrow," Anne Uecker said. "And we will randomly draw a winner for that aldermanic race."

For the first time in Uecker's 27 year stint as city clerk two candidates tied in a race. Both incumbent Steve Wattawa and challenger Laura Martin received 253 votes a piece for the District 1 aldermanic seat. Now, Uecker and the board of canvas will randomly decide a winner --either by pulling a name from a hat or doing a coin flip. 

"Most likely, we'll flip a coin," Uecker said.  "My thinking is it’ll be the cleanest way to do it and we’ll have a big open area and [the candidates] can all see it and they can be present when we do the actual random drawing."

Uecker admits a random drawing may sound peculiar, but it’s actually state law —something St. Francis voter, Jennifer Green, said she can’t get on board with because to her, a random drawing just doesn’t seem fair. 

“That doesn’t seem very logical to me personally," Jennifer Green said.  "I mean, you should just revote."

According to Uecker, the winner of this race will be announced Thursday, but the losing candidate can ask for a recount.