'Will you Passe with me?': Adorable girl asks Greenfield first responders to dance

Posted at 9:35 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 23:26:33-04

A 4-year-old Cudahy girl in a tutu showed up at both the Greenfield Police and Greenfield Fire Department and gave the first responders an impromptu dance lesson. 

At the police department, the adorable exchange was captured on the lobby surveillance camera. 

Vayda Perry takes dance lessons at Showcase Dance Studio in Cudahy, where they recently held a challenge that encouraged the students to dance in public. 

Vayda's mother, Maria Ojeda says she had the idea to try their luck at the police and fire departments. 

"Officer Orlowski got it pretty quick," she said. "Then the firefighters did it. We had to do a couple takes." 

Lt. Brian Krueger with Greenfield Fire was on shift that day when Vayda in her tutu rang the doorbell. 

"None of us are trained dancers," he said. "Most of us have young daughters. It hits a warm spot in our heart to make her day." 

Greenfield Police wrote in a Facebook post that Officer Dan Orlowski couldn't possibly say no. 

"I am sure they are manly men but in that moment, they were perfect dance students," said Ojeda. 

Vayda ended up winning the friendly contest at her dance studio and won tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Milwaukee Ballet. 

"She was extra creative by getting the public and community to engage in the challenge," said Showcase Dance Studio Owner Allison Stray. 

"I didn't think we would get the reaction that we did," said Ojeda. "But it was definitely Vayda that stole the show with it."