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WIAA spring football leads some local athletes to play 2 sports at once

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Posted at 10:37 PM, May 26, 2021

GREENFIELD — With some area WIAA high schools opting to play football in the spring, it created opportunity and dilemmas for several young athletes trying to play multiple sports.

On a couple of Friday afternoons, Greenfield's Brady Bath would play 18 holes on the Hustlin' Hawks golf team, and hustle to his football game that night.

"Yeah, I do kind of feel like I was all over the place," Brady Bath says. "You know, playing 18 holes of golf. And then going straight to football. It was a little bit of a tight schedule, but I wanted to make it work."

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"He's just on top of his game in school and he's very organized. I think that's what really makes it work," Greenfield Golf Coach Tony Sibley says. "He's, a couple times, had to play 18 holes you know, in the morning. And then, 'coach are we done? Can I get out of here?' And he bolts off to go to football. And from what I'm told, very successful at both."

It will certainly create some special memories.

"My first match ever. Played 18 holes. Came back, basically changed. Grabbed something to eat. And went straight to film," Bath says. "And then straight out to the field."

Lance Allan of TMJ4 Sports: "Did you get tired?"

"Oh yeah. I was definitely a little bit exhausted after both of them," Bath says.

Lance Allan: "Even teenagers get tired?"

"Sometimes," Bath says.

And some funny moments.

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"I don't know if I can say this on-air, but it's like, are you wearing a jock you know, for golf, or are you wearing a cup, you know?" Sibley jokes.

But something he'll never forget.

"I got to play two sports at once. My first time ever playing golf and I probably, definitely, won't forget it," Bath says.

Hey, hard to believe I was once a teen too. And I'd play as many sports as I could as well.

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