Why are teens stealing cars?

Posted at 11:11 AM, May 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-22 12:11:46-04
MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police and city leaders trying to curb a drastic increase in car thefts among teenagers.
On Saturday, they met directly with some at-risk teens to try and reach a solution.
It's becoming an epidemic in Milwaukee: Teenagers stealing cars and taking them on so-called joyrides. 
"Bad things are really happening to these young people and they really don't see the consequences of it," said Milwaukee Police Captain Raymond Banks.
Consequences, like deadly crashes and jail.
More than 200 teens have been arrested by Milwaukee police officers since the first of the year. Many don't even have a driver's license and most become repeat offenders.
"We've seen more young ladies than we've ever seen in this type of activity before," Banks said.
That's why police and local leaders, like our own Shannon Sims participated the forum. Not to lecture them, but to learn. 
"I really need to understand how a 15-year-old boy can pull up in a $50,000 car and convince a young lady that's never been in trouble before to get into that car," Banks said.
There were kids at the forum, who've been in stolen cars.
"I am going to try to stop so I can do better for myself and the community," Nyla Farsee said. "I  am afraid of going to jail, I don't want to be in there."
And others who've never experienced it first-hand, but want to help.
"If she sees that somebody not too far from her age can do better, it will probably prompt her to do better too," Erica Lofton said.
There will be two more of these forums with teens. The goal is to change behavior and help mentor the young people in our city.