Whitnall Falcons earn Team of the Week crown

Posted at 6:30 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 19:37:24-04

WHITNALL -- After losing by 36 in week two to Waukesha North, the Whitnall Falcons bounced back in a big way in week three. Not only did they get the win over Brown Deer, but they were also this week's winner of our giant Team of the Week trophy.

Senior running back Marcus Arteaga had never had a varsity touchdown until last Friday night.

“He was just thrilled getting one and they just kept piling up,” explained Head Coach John Quinlan.

One after the other, after the other, five touchdowns in all accounting for each Whitnall touchdown in their 35-0 win over Brown Deer.

“I know after my third touchdown, I was so tired but it was just like after you get one after another it's like you have to keep going,” Arteaga described of his career day. “They just told me to keep running, so I did.”

By the final whistle, Arteaga racked up 274 yards on 35 carries.

“After every time he kind of gave me every one after a touchdown and by the fifth one my hands were getting a little sore,” Coach Quinlan said of their “knuckles” celebration.

“He had a lot of potential so far over the season,” said teammate and senior cornerback Mitchell Knapp. “I think he finally just did what we expected out of him the first two games so it was nice to finally see him get on that.”

Whitnall has also seen three interceptions this season from senior Knapp. It has seen back-up quarterback Jacob Flores step in for injured Andrew Mallmann. And with just 10 returning seniors, Whitnall is seeing a wide range of players step up.

“It's just getting a lot of those reps,” Coach explained. “Those guys are just getting the playing time and I think they really feel that they're getting better every single practice.”

Congratulations, Whitnall Falcons on being named TMJ4's Football Frenzy Team of the Week.