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Whitefish Bay Dominican tennis player is winning respect on the court

Posted at 10:40 PM, Oct 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 16:31:27-04

For most of the year, Katy Dimitroff was the number one singles player, at Whitefish Bay Dominican.

"I want to like be able to show people, that like anyone can do it," Katy Dimitroff says.

Then you realize, Katy does it. With one arm.

"Katy already had her style, of serving. So I actually learned from Katy, about how to serve with one arm," Whitefish Bay Dominican Head Tennis Coach Sarah Cyganiak says.

"My serves have gotten better," Katy Dimitroff says. "I usually would do an easy serve. But I've been practicing and working on harder serves."

Katy's team is challenging to push limits too.

"They didn't cut her any slack," Katy's Mom Alexandra Dimitroff says. "I mean they, it was like she was no different from them. And they didn't go easy on her."

"Katy really stepped into a very supportive environment with fellow teammates Anna Bechtel, Sophia Klineman, Inge Kozinski, Tatum Cook and volunteer coach Heidi Cook," Cyganiak says. "We were a small team, but we had a lot of heart."

"I feel like people believe in me, and my abilities," Katy Dimitroff says.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan says somehow there is a simple message in this. No isn't the answer, until you give it all you have. And many times? It's not the answer after a short amount of time, either.

"Katy has never said, I can't do that," Alexandra Dimitroff says. "Don't say know until you've tried it. And even then? If you try it, and fail? It's no big deal!"

And just think. As a sophomore? Katy has two more years, to inspire and impress.

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