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Where to find the best Packers tickets for Sunday's game

Lambeau Field at Sunset
Posted at 10:21 AM, Jan 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-05 11:21:27-05

GREEN BAY — The first Packers playoff game may be on Sunday, but it's not too late to get tickets.

Packer tickets can be hard to come by, especially for the playoffs, but if you're looking to go to Sunday's game, it's not too late to get good seats for a decent price.

We looked at four different ticket distributors in order to help you find the best deal and here's what we found:

1. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has quite a few tickets left in nearly every section of the stadium. While all of the tickets are verified re-sale tickets, they're both reliable and affordable. However, that is if you're only looking for two tickets. The more people you have, the more difficult it will be to find a decent deal. If you're looking for seats near the 50-yard-line, expect to spend $200-$300 per ticket. However, if you're cool with sitting at one of the end-zones, you can find tickets for under $200. The best we could find was $160 a ticket in the 44th row.

2. Stub Hub

When it comes to end-zone tickets, Stub Hub is a little pricier than Ticketmaster. However, Stub Hub offers cheaper tickets for seats near the 50-yard line. On the site, we found 30-yard-line seats for $237.00 apiece. While that is still a lot, it is a bit cheaper than the $300+ tickets on Ticketmaster. An additional perk of Stub Hub, is you can set a price alert so if seats become available at a price you want, they will notify you right away so you can snatch the seats before anyone else gets to them.

3. Vivid Seats

For 50-yard-line seats, Vivid seats is where you want to go. They have tons of options from the 15th row to the 60th row, and while they may be a little expensive, it could be worse. The best 50-yard-line seats we found were 57th row, for $247 a ticket. The rest of the seats around the field are priced around the same as Ticketmaster and Stub Hub.

4. Seat Geek

From what we can see, Seat Geek is the most expensive option for tickets. The cheapest seats they have to offer are $142 in the 700 section. While they have a lot of tickets all over the stadium, the majority of them are priced higher than the other sites we have looked at. However, Seat Geek claims that every ticket they sell is NFL verified so if you're nervous about buying tickets from any of these sites, Seat Geek seems to be one of the more reliable and trustworthy sites.