What's next for the proposed Overtime Law?

Posted at 8:10 AM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 08:45:28-05

Thursday would have been the day that more than four million workers would have been eligible for a pay increase.

However, when President Obama’s overtime rule was blocked by a federal judge last week, those workers were left in limbo.

Some companies spent months prepping for the change, so what should they do now?

“If I were in management right now, I would take a ‘wait and see’ approach,” said Paul Secunda, Professor of Law and Director of the Labor and Employment Law Program at Marquette University Law School tells 620WTMJ. “If I haven’t done anything yet, I wouldn’t do anything. And if I’ve already done something, I’d keep it and wait to see what the official position of the new administration is.”

Secunda believes though the originally proposed law is halted, a positive outcome still could come.

“I still think that we could see some kind of an increase in the minimum wage, I still think we could see some kind of compromise with a lower salary base as far as overtime,” adds Secunda. “So, I think the best advice for managers is just to stay where you are and see what develops in the next few months.”

For the full conversation with Secunda on Wisconsin’s Morning News, click in the Soundcloud player above.