What to do when banking websites go down

Posted at 1:09 PM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 23:21:45-04

MILWAUKEE -- Bank websites sometimes go down. It can be due to system upgrades, data overload, or even a cyberattack.

Financial institutions report a 56 percent increase in attacks in 2016 alone. During an attack, con artists will try to trick customers into giving them information.

Rose Oswald Poels of the Wisconsin Bankers Association encourages consumers to be thorough, "Everyone should be very sure then they do go out to their bank's website to make sure it really is their bank's website they're going to and not putting in information in a spoofed website."

The WBA suggests typing in the web address from a new browser rather than clicking on a link, and signing up for a perk to avoid late fees to scammers.

"If they have not already, set up automatic bill pay so it occurs automatically each month. That is definitely a step people should take," Oswald Poels said.

She also recommends setting up a calendar alert a couple of days before the bill is due to remind yourself to make the payment. 

"It's a huge convenience for people and truthfully it's very safe," Oswald Poels added. "(It's) certainly something we encourage consumers to take advantage of."

If something strikes a consumer as odd with their online bank, the WBA suggests calling the bank or visiting a branch in person.