What happens if you forwarded the hoax message on Facebook?

Posted at 8:23 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 08:36:43-04

Facebook cloning messages continue to overwhelm inboxes warning users about a hoax. These messages vary, but they have the same overall message, telling Facebook users their account has been cloned and telling you to forward the message.

What happens if you do? Nothing, according to cybersecurity expert, Alex Holden, with Hold Secuirty LLC in Mequon.

“Luckily, this time, this is a hoax. So you should not be concerned at all,” said Holden. 

Holden advises users to ignore or delete the messages, but be vigilant of any follow-up messages. 

“Most likely what the hackers are trying to do is to get people concerned and then approach them, offer them help, maybe in terms of tech support,” Holden continued. 

The hoax messages Holden said have been around for a couple years but have been revived after recent news hackers got into Facebook’s network exposing personal information of almost 50 million users.

Holden does warn cloning Facebook accounts can and does happen. He explained a clone would look almost exactly like your Facebook page. It will have your pictures, even your comments. 

“If you think there is a legitimate claim, by searching yourself on Facebook and seeing an account that doesn’t belong to you, but having your pictures and messages, then you should reach out to Facebook and file a complaint,” Holden said. 

You can do that here.

“One of the easier ways to tell if this is a legitimate account or not is to look at the tags,” Holden continued. 

People creating a clone of you won’t be able to tag your friends.