West Allis firefighters deliver baby, surprise family

Posted at 9:29 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 23:19:50-05

The West Allis Fire Department came to the rescue of a family in more ways than one. Not only did they deliver a healthy baby girl, but they also gave the young couple a special surprise.

The day after Christmas was supposed to be a relaxing day for the Hargrave family. But Mom Cyra Hargrave woke up to an aching back. She took a shower, not thinking much of it, until she realized her baby was coming.

"I'm screaming his name, I'm like, 'Jason, Jason get up.'" said Cyra Hargrave, pointing to her husband.

They dialed 911 and the dispatchers got Jason Hargrave ready.

"I had a blanket and a shoe string and they were just walking me through telling me what to get. But right before she was crowning, she was coming out but right next the fire department and EMTs came in," said Jason Hargrave.

He said he has never been so relieved. Firefighters showed up just in the knick of time. 

"I was shocked. I was the first one in," said Jake Levenhagen, a West Allis Fire Fighter/Paramedic. "As she was laying on the ground the head was presenting."

They delivered Milan Hargrave, a healthy baby girl. And since the crew brought her into the world, they wanted to do something special.

"We got a bunch of donations squared away with Target and Kohl's in the City of West Allis and then we threw some of our own money in and we went out and did the shopping for the supplies," said Jake Dettmering, West Allis Fire Fighter/Paramedic.

That included getting big brother Marcianno a firefighter's costume he's yet to take off. But the whole family could not be more grateful.

"That's pretty nice of them. We appreciate everything they got us," said Cyra Hargrave.

Jason Hargrave said though he is happy for all the help, he really does not want the West Allis Fire Department doing any more home deliveries for them. He said if they have another child, his wife is going to the hospital the second she feels any pain.

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