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Week Two: Ukrainian woman shares what's changed Kyiv since the invasion

"The city looks different."
Posted at 5:33 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 18:33:43-05

KYIV, UKRAINE — Life for Ukrainian citizens changed drastically in the last week. Many have fled to neighboring countries while others have decided to stay and fight for their home.

Oksana Ivanyuk is among those who have decided to stay. When we last spoke to her, she was calm amid the chaos.

She spoke to us again Thursday afternoon from her apartment in Kyiv, heartbroken at what has transpired.

"The city looks different. There are blockades everywhere," Ivanyuk said. "Everyday, every evening, we are waiting for the next wave of bombings."

She said there can be anywhere from two to seven bombings daily, and they're only getting worse.

Ivanyuk said people are struggling to get food and medicine. So much so, regulations have begun.

"In stores they usually regulate bread. You can only get two loaves of bread," Ivanyuk stated.

Gas is also being regulated and there are certain gas stations with fuel left.

Ivanyuk said she's seeing more people joining citizen groups to fight back. Some are joining the army, and others are doing what they can with homemade Molotov cocktail.

"We had a very strict regulation you weren't able to have a gun," Ivanyuk stated.

That has since changed. She said you only need to show a Ukrainian passport to obtain a firearm. Ivanyuk said people are also getting trained on how to use the weapons.

Ivanyuk said she's thought of joining the army and getting a firearm, but for now she wants to focus on getting medical supplies to people who need them.

However, she wants western countries to know they too can help.

"Shield the sky. Create a no fly zone over Ukraine," Ivanyuk said. "This will help save lives of civilians."

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