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'We love you, we miss you': South Milwaukee teen missing 3 days

Posted at 3:41 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 19:17:51-05

SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- South Milwaukee teen Abigail Maduscha has now been missing for three days, and the FBI has stepped in after learning the 15-year-old may be in a dangerous situation with sex traffickers.

Her father Charlie fears the missing South Milwaukee teen was being lured online. 

He has a message to his daughter: "Abigail, we love you, we miss you. We care about you very much. We want you to be safe. Can you please come home?" her father pleaded.

South Milwaukee Police were so concerned about her safety, they sent a news release that shows the girl "…asked for someone to buy her a plane, train, or bus ticket…" and it was
"…in relation to sex trafficking, specifically the Sacramento area."

"Trafficking is an ugly word and it's definitely very, very terrifying. I guess just not knowing where she is, is the hardest part," said her father.

Abigail's father says his mind has been racing since he last saw her.

"She was at my house the morning before she left and we were watching television together cuddling on the couch and she said 'I love you talk to you later,'" he said.

Abigail went missing Saturday.

"She's in an unsafe situation she's not home," said her father.

If you know where Abigail is, call 911 immediately.