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Wauwatosa veteran discovers home loan incentives

Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 11:47:02-05

WAUWATOSA -- It's part of the American dream to own your own home.

A Wauwatosa military veteran was able to do that with no money down, thanks to loan programs out there many veterans do not take advantage of. Anyone who has been in active duty automatically qualifies.

Nicole Poser served in the Wisconsin ARMY National Guard for eight years. Because she served in the reserves, she had to verify through the VA she has served for at least six years.

The big pay off is a getting a home loan with no down payment.

Poser says of all the time she has spent overseas with the National Guard, her favorite place of all is her son's room.

"Just to have a place for him to grow up in a house its really big for us," said Poser as she kissed her son.

"It was created for a reason, and the military people that serve our country certainly deserve a lot more than they get, so this is one way to serve them well," said Vickie Kelsall, Century 21 realtor.

Service members also will not get dinged with needing private mortgage insurance because they did not put at least 20 percent down.

Veterans with disabilities are eligible for even more benefits, you can learn more clicking here.