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Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission call special meeting scheduled for Aug. 14

Wauwatosa Police
Posted at 11:27 AM, Aug 11, 2020

The Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission have called a special meeting for Aug. 14 at 11 a.m.

The virtual meeting has no listed agenda yet.

The meeting comes days after police say Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah was physically assaulted at a home over the weekend. Police say a group of 50 to 60 people surrounded a home where Mensah lived and began vandalizing it.

Mensah told officials he tried to talk with the crowd but was assaulted and shot at. Mensah was suspended from the Wauwatosa Police Department in July.

In a post on his Facebook Page, Mensah wrote the protesters “tried to kill me,” adding “the irony in all of this is that they chanted Black Lives Matter the entire time, but had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man.”

State Representative David Bowen said Mensah was the instigator on Saturday, even saying that Mensah tried to fight the protesters.

“This man came out with a level of aggression that did not match any of the actions of the folks that were there,” Bowen said. “People were there to advocate for change. The same way they've done for the last 70 days.”

To view the meeting details, click here.

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