Waukesha standoff suspect's girlfriend: "He's not going to turn himself in"

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 18:55:34-04

The girlfriend of a suspect who slipped out of a home during a standoff in Waukesha warns he won’t surrender quietly.

The manhunt continues for 24-year-old Nasar A. Gregory, who is wanted on charges of domestic battery, strangulation, child abuse and domestic conduct.

TODAY’S TMJ4 spoke with Gregory’s girlfriend, a victim named Tiffany who does not want to share her last name. She begs Gregory to turn himself in. She’s worried he will not go down without a fight.

“I got punched in my face, I have a bite mark on my arm and I have a mark on my leg right here,” Tiffany said. 

Tiffany shared the aftermath of an alleged brutal beating she endured Friday morning after Gregory had a mental breakdown.

“He was scared I was going to call the police,” she said.

The frantic 911 call was made by one of her kids. Waukesha police released audio from the call in which you can hear Tiffany’s son say, “Can we get some police at Caroline Street?”

Tiffany said Gregory grabbed the phone, hung up the call and smashed the device.

“He filled up the bathtub with water. He was going to drown her,” said private investigator Daniel Storm. 

Storm said Gregory then attacked her kids.

“He told them that he’ll come back and kill the kids,” said Storm.

Moments later, police arrived at a standoff situation. A neighbor’s cell phone video shows a patrol tanker truck in the middle of the road and an officer firing several rounds of rubber bullets through the windows.

“They busted out nearly every window in here and I gave them permission to kick the doors in so I don’t even know why they did that,” Tiffany said. 

The suspect police were after somehow got away. Waukesha Metro Transit video obtained by TODAY’S TMJ4 shows Gregory getting onto a bus Friday morning. Waukesha police said he transferred to another bus to an unknown destination.

“She just told me she believes he’s going to Milwaukee for a gun,” Storm said. 

Storm said the victim called his office for help.

“This guy has got a history of violence, a history with these people,” he said.

Tiffany and her kids are now safe at an undisclosed women’s shelter. She said her family isn’t her only worry.

“He’s not going to turn himself in,” she said. “He said he’s going to go full force against the police. He’ll fight every police officer he has to. So it’s going to be bad.”

Milwaukee police said they are aware of the incident, but they are not actively involved in the investigation. Gregory has a criminal history in Milwaukee County for possession of weapons and bail-jumping. If you see him, you’re asked to immediately call 911.