Waukesha bar calls out three men who skipped out on bill

Bar owner posted suspect's pictures on Facebook
Posted at 9:48 AM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 12:26:30-04
WAUKESHA -- The Neighbors Bar and Grille in Waukesha is calling out three men who skipped out on their $160 bar tab Monday night and are turning to social media to catch them. 
On Tuesday, the bar posted surveillance pictures of the suspects on their Facebook page.The bar is hoping someone will recognize the group and encourage them to pay up.

According to bar owner Chris Potratz, the men came in on a “very busy night” and had dinner, drinks, shots, and played at the gaming machines. Potratz says the men would periodically go outside to smoke and would come back in. He claims the men waited until the bar’s busiest moment to go out again, smoke and not return.
Potratz figured posting to social media would be a great start -- hoping that somebody would recognize them.  He is still debating on filing a police report. 
More than 150,000 people saw the post in less than 24 hours, Potratz says. He is amazed by the public's response. 
“For it to travel so far so fast it's amazing,"  Potratz said. "I was hoping they would see it and come back to
The Neighbors Bar and Grill is a family-run business ran by Potratz and his sister.