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Waukesha crews pump out water to keep roads from flooding

DPW worked overnight to keep up with rain
Posted at 4:34 PM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 18:23:30-05

Ongoing rain on Tuesday made it hard for crews in Waukesha County to keep up with flooding on county and state roads.

At one point, the department of public works was monitoring more than a dozen areas where water was covering the roadways.

They sent pumps out to several locations to try and move water out of the road. One of the worst spots was on State Highway 83, near the small community of North Lake.

Highway Operations Manager Robert Rauchle said they had about a foot of water on the road and were urging drivers to slow down or not even risk it, and turn around.

"Until mother nature stops raining, the water's going to continue to come because the ground's still frozen, it’s not saturating in," he said.

Crews from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation were also there to monitor whether or not they needed to close it down completely.

Flooding from nearby farm fields turned some neighborhoods in the area into lakes and sent water over other county roads.

"My request to the public is if you see the sign and see the barrels, slow down, don’t drive through the water, please find alternate routes," said Rauchle. "You never know how deep that water is so don’t guess."

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