Waukesha County offering new emergency messaging service

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jun 14, 2017
Waukesha County officials are urging citizens to sign up for targeted emergency alerts so they can stay informed about what's going on in their neighborhoods. 
The Emergency Telephone Notification System uses technology from the company AlertSense to send specialized alert messages. 
Gary Bell, Director of Emergency Preparedness for Waukesha County, said citizens can register for the alerts with an address and phone number. 
He added county residents can select to receive relevant alerts based on the addresses of where they live, where they work, or where their children are in school.
"It's targeted information for people to do very specific things," Bell said. "Where the emergency is and what we want you to do are the two things you'll see when we activate the Emergency Telephone Notification System." 
Bell cited a standoff, or rash of car break-in's, as examples of when alerts might be sent out to people in impacted areas. 
"It gives you situational awareness of what's happening in your neighborhood in a very timely way," Bell said. 
The alerts can come in the form of a text message or pre-recorded voice message. 
If you live in Waukesha County and want to sign up, click here.