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Waukesha Alderman Perry charged in alleged domestic violence incident, complaint says

Posted at 11:24 AM, Nov 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-11 15:37:58-05

WAUKESHA — Waukesha Alderman Aaron Perry has been charged after he allegedly was involved in a domestic violence incident, a criminal complaint filed Tuesday says.

Alderman Perry, 40, is now facing three misdemeanors and one felony after prosecutors say he grabbed a victim by the arms and shoulders and threw her phone on the ground causing the screen to crack.

Perry ran for election to the Wisconsin State Assembly to represent District 97 in the Nov. 3 election, but lost to Republican Scott Allen.

The incident occurred on Nov. 9 when the victim received a call from Perry asking her to come to help him with his kids. The criminal complaint states that Perry was supposed to drop all three kids off at school but was struggling to get one of the kids into the vehicle.

Deputies say when the victim showed up to help, she called Perry and asked him to meet her downstairs. Two of their three kids were already outside. After a few minutes, he still hadn't arrived. The victim called Perry again, and he claimed to have no recollection of their previous conversation.

The victim told deputies she believed Perry was intoxicated and said he was recently struggling with alcohol addiction.

During their second conversation, deputies say the victim and the two kids headed upstairs to Perry's apartment. When the victim showed up at the apartment, she got custody of the third child and proceeded to leave the apartment.

On her way to the elevator, Perry called out the victim's name, but she kept walking. According to the criminal complaint, as the victim and three kids were approaching the elevator, Perry stopped the elevator and prevented the doors from closing.

Perry then started to threaten the victim and made statements "regarding his authority and position with the city of Waukesha as an elected official," the complaint says.

The victim told Perry that any claims he makes will not stand and threatened to call 911. As the victim was dialing, Perry grabbed her phone and threw it on the ground causing the screen to crack.

Deputies say Perry then grabbed the victim by the arms and shoulders forcefully, preventing her from leaving. During this time, the three kids were crying as they witnessed the incident.

After four to five minutes, Perry let her go and went back to his apartment, allowing for the victim and three kids to leave the apartment, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim told deputies that Perry's actions caused her pain, and he did not have permission to grab her.

After Waukesha County Deputies spoke with the victim, they went to Perry's apartment. Upon arrival, they knocked on the door for several minutes before Perry finally opened the door, the criminal complaint says.

When Perry finally opened the door, he was arrested. Deputies say Perry appeared intoxicated. His eyes were glossed over, and he smelled of intoxicants.

Perry claimed the victim never went up to his apartment but stayed outside the whole time. He denied having damaged her phone and said he only had contact with her via the phone.

The criminal complaint states Perry told deputies the following: "I just want you to know that this is not a good decision. This is going to haunt you."

Now, Perry is facing the following charges:

  • Misdemeanor battery, domestic abuse, which is punishable up to nine months in prison
  • Criminal damage to property, domestic abuse, which is punishable up to nine months in prison
  • Disorderly conduct, domestic abuse, which is punishable up to 90 days in prison
  • Felony intimidation of a victim, domestic abuse which is punishable up to 10 years in prison

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