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Waterford teen is one of nation's top discus and shot put throwers, Bryce Ruland preps for another season

For Bryce Ruland, who has scary accuracy with a 12-pound mass of iron, it is discus that has this gentle giant's heart.
Posted at 6:27 PM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 10:52:39-04

WATERFORD, Wis. — At 15 years-old, it's clear that Bryce Ruland was born to throw.

"My family has track and field in their background, and then once I really learned how to start throwing, it's something that I always love to do," says Ruland, State qualifier and National Discuss Champion.

Competing in both shot put and discus, Ruland will tell you it's not all about muscle.

"I feel like strength plays a role in it too, but it's mostly technique that helps get it out there farther. There's a big difference between the two of them. Just where your center of mass is. On shot put, it's pretty much up and down. Discus, it's a little farther out to the side where you hold it. So it takes some getting used to," says Ruland.

For Ruland, who has scary accuracy with a 12-pound mass of iron, it is discus that has this gentle giant's heart.

"Got to be the discus, just mainly because it goes farther, and it's cool to see once you get really good at it," he said.

That is exactly what he is, really good. An All-American and Jr. Olympian in both disciplines, Ruland is the reigning discuss National Champion in the 15-16 age group with a throw of 180 feet and 7 inches.

"It's a great feeling honestly because there's nothing like stuff paying off in the end after coming out here every day during the summer. Then I just love competing, there's no, I just love it," says Ruland.

Also the discus record holder at Waterford High School heading into his junior year, Ruland has lofty goals.

"My goal for this upcoming year is to break 200 feet in discus because that would be crazy to me in my mind. For shot put, I would love to be in the mid-50s... 55 to 58 feet range would be great," he says.

Again, only 15 years old, it's hard not to pencil him in for the 2028 Olympics. Some would say, why not 2024? But Ruland would like to go to college first.

"I would love to go to the college level and hopefully beyond that, but I feel like college is my number one goal," says Ruland.

I guess, even when it comes to throwing your weight around, one can't rush perfection.

You can follow his journey on his Facebook and Instagram pages. His handle is: @Bryce.Ruland.

You can support Ruland through PS Uniforms, a local business selling spirit wear to help raise funds that allow him to compete across the country.

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