Water recedes after east side water main break

Flooding closes Oakland and Kenwood
Posted at 12:26 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 19:25:32-04

The water has receded after a water main break flooded an east side Milwaukee neighborhood Tuesday. The intersection at Oakland and Kenwood remains closed as Department of Public Works crews dig a large hole in the street to make repairs and determine was caused the main break. 

The sound of thousands of gallons gushing out of the buckled street could be heard for blocks around noon Tuesday. The water flowed downhill between vehicles to a low-lying area near Sal’s Pizza.  

“Here I am trying to get some pizza, and here we are got some riverside dining,” said UWM junior Dante Gonzalez. 

While some turned the issue into a fun ride on wake boards, others were in for a serious problem. The main break flooded dozens of vehicles including Bryan Gorelik’s SUV. Gorelik was at the library studying when flood water went up past the tires of his parked car. 

“My buddy sent me a video of it because he knows I park here and he was like, dude get out here your car is getting flooded,” he said. 

The problem wasn’t his tires, rather his tailpipe.  

“I just kind of rushed here, just to get some pictures taken, make sure people know it wasn’t my fault,” said Gorelik. 

Several gallons came pouring out of Gorelik’s exhaust pipe when he started the vehicle. 

“I’m worried, I kind of need my car, it’s pretty important to me, especially because I commute to campus,” he said. 

Public Works said the water main that broke was installed more than 80 years ago, but there has only been one other main break here since. Gorelik hopes this one doesn’t empty his wallet. 
“I’m not a car expert so I’ll have to get it checked out and everything like that,” he said. 

Thankfully, the water receded quickly and the city did not have to issue any water advisories. Only one block was left without water Tuesday afternoon.