Local father helps deliver baby during car ride

Posted at 8:37 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 21:46:29-04

A Washington County family has the story of a lifetime after a father helped to deliver his new baby during the car ride to the hospital.

The day started out with contractions coming ten minutes apart. The doctor said it wasn't time, but baby Hattie proved them all wrong.

Just two days old, Hattie Balogh has already brought so much happiness to her family.

"She was just perfect," mom Dawn Balogh says. "I mean she just sat there and was happy, like it was amazing."

Dad Jesse Balogh walked us to the car that's now his trophy piece.

"I'm gonna keep this car forever so I can show Hattie when she's older where she was born," he says.

The couple was rushing to the hospital Monday with Dawn's contractions coming five minutes apart.

"So he put it in his GPS on his phone and the lady said 24 minutes and I said 'No, we don't have 24 minutes,'" Dawn remembers.

She was right. Halfway there, it happened.

"I leaned over and the baby was right there and I grabbed up the baby and held her up...and she went 'ahhhhh!'" Jesse says.

Paramedics caught up with the couple at County Road H and 45, where they determined baby Hattie was doing just fine.

"They did a really good job, I was so pleased," Dawn said. "They took really good care of her."

There's one other silver lining for the new father:

"One of the nurses was like 'hey, look at the bright side, you don't have to pay the hospital a delivery fee anymore!'"