Walworth County Food Pantry to close unless new manager steps up

Posted at 4:45 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 12:23:53-04

The Walworth County Food Pantry will close in October unless they can find someone to take it over. 

Right now about 500 families each month rely on the services offered there. 

Jim and Ardith Drescher have ran the food pantry since 2009 and say they both love the work, but they are ready to spend more time with their family. 

"We want to spend more time with the grandkids, the great-grandkids," said Ardith. "And I think we're ready to turn it over." 

Ardith says at one point in her life, she relied on food stamps. That's why running the Walworth County Food Pantry has always meant so much to her. 

"It's just our way of giving back," she said. "I think I can relate to people who come in with these problems." 

She and her husband are both retired and have a growing family. Running the food pantry has been a full-time job for them. 

"We have some amazing stories of people coming in, dropping off money, people coming in saying 'I always used to donate to food pantries and now I'm using them,' it's just a lot of tears," said Ardith.

She says it costs about $50,000 a year to run the pantry, some of that comes from community donations. The Dreschers also financially back the pantry through a family foundation. 

She says they have great volunteers and great partners in the community like Walmart who donates food twice a week. 

They're hoping someone else will find the joy they did and take it over. 

"Our family's getting larger and we just want less stress and we want to kind of relax," said Ardith. 

She says they have several good leads right now and hope that means the food pantry won't have to close. But if for some reason they can't find someone to take over, the pantry will close on Oct. 28.

They plan to continue accepting donations through that date.