Walker's Point preps for first-ever '5th Street Fest'

Posted at 1:26 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 14:27:13-04

In approximately one month, the Walker’s Point Association will host the first ever 5th Street Fest.

Organizers said, until this year, Walker’s Point was one of the few neighborhoods in Milwaukee without a signature street festival.

“We haven’t had a signature event that combines all the elements of the neighborhood: the food, the breweries, the crafts, the musical acts,” said Cristian Vega, of the Walker’s Point Association.

5th Street Fest will serve as a fundraiser for the Walker’s Point Association.

Vega, who owns Screaming Tuna, said the festival will run from National Ave. to Virginia on 5th Street.

It’s September 23 from noon until 10 p.m.

So far, there are so far 10 food vendors, 16 musical acts, 10 craft/retail vendors, and 10 non-profits expected to have a presence there.

Vega said 5th Street Fest will be paid for by sponsors, vendor fees, creative fundraising, the Walker’s Point Association, and private donations.

He hopes the festival can unite the melting pot of ethnic communities that call Walker’s Point home.

“We have to show and celebrate how people of all different backgrounds, all different creeds, can coexist and do it very successfully,” Vega said. “That’s what’s going on in this neighborhood.”

Joaquin Altoro, of the Walker’s Point Association, said he hopes people from other areas of the city will stop in too.

“There’s nothing wrong with inviting people from the outside to come and visit, and to see what Walker’s Point is all about,” Altoro said.

Altoro is also the Vice President for Commercial Banking at Town Bank, which is one of the festival’s sponsors.

Neighbors in the area hope the street festival can also build relationships among Walker’s Point residents.

Mike Kuharske, who lives in Walker’s Point and will soon be moving his business into a building near 5th and National, said when neighbors get to know one another they're more likely to keep an eye on each other's homes and property.

He added the festival encourages people to be outside, which also improves public safety.

“Just in the last eight years of living here, I’ve seen the increase in the numbers of people outside jogging, walking, walking pets and that sort of stuff,” Kuharske said. “All that activity leads to a much safer environment.”

Vega said more volunteers, and donations, for 5th Street Fest are always needed. For more information on how to get involved, click here