Governor Walker signs $76 billion state budget into law nearly three months late

Walker to sign state budget nearly 3 months late
Posted at 12:17 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 19:18:15-04

It's nearly three months late, but Gov. Scott Walker signed the state's $76 billion budget into law on Thursday. 

Walker says despite signing this budget deal into law 11 weeks late, he's proud it gives more money to schools while lowering property taxes for median-value homes.
"This is a solid, sound budget," he said.

The governor was all smiles Thursday when signed the budget in front of dozens of elementary students and lawmakers at a Neenah school.

The school gymnasium backdrop made a statement about education and an additional $640 million for K- 12.

"Would you like more money for schools or lower property taxes? The nice thing in this budget is you get both," Walker said.This budget turned into a major battle in the legislature. It was due July 1, but didn’t pass until last Friday. Since then, Walker made nearly a hundred revisions. Sen. Alberta Darling blames the delay on a few lawmakers within her own party.

"It took an extra 11 weeks because we had problems getting people on the right page for the right reason," she said.

"The last two and a half months were more about games and priorities of individual members than it was about the people of Wisconsin," argued Rep. Gordon Hintz.

Hintz said his biggest issue with the budget is that is doesn’t provide a long term funding solution for transportation.

"(Walker's) going to delay projects and our infrastructure is going to continue to decline," Hintz said.

The $6 billion transportation funding package leaves the next phase of zoo interchange with just a temporary fix.

“That's a real disappointment for me because I fought to get the north leg done because that's one of our most heavily traveled intersections in the state," Darling said.

This budget goes into effect on Saturday.