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Vogue magazine names Milwaukee as the Midwest's coolest (and most underrated) city

Posted at 2:44 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 19:25:22-04

Milwaukeeans know how great the city really is. But people from outside the area may have forgotten about the city due to being overshadowed by larger Midwestern cities such as Chicago.

But the people at Vogue magazine want you to realize how awesome the "beer capital of the world" truly is.

The article starts off by discussing why the city should be a destination for those who want to go on vacation or those looking to move permanently. From Milwaukee's breweries and booming downtown area for drinking and dining, to the influx of job opportunities, the article details Milwaukee's bright spots.

The article then goes on to let you know where to stay and where to visit while in town, mentioning the Milwaukee Public Market, River Walk, Comet Cafe and Von Trier's to name a few.

Kristin Settle, VisitMilwaukee's Communications Director, says this is not the first time the brew city has been tapped by Vogue as a place to see.

"In 2016 they named us as an underrated rust belt city that you must visit. The Travel + Leisure this year has us as a place to visit, and we've been in the Chicago Tribune, the USA Today," said Settle.

VisitMilwaukee data shows Milwaukee brings in more than 23 million visitors annually, which translates into nearly $5.4 billion tourism dollars per year.

At the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Emilee Kavanagh is among the adults herding screaming, giggling children at the KidZDay At the Center event. Kavanagh admits that Milwaukee does have its quirks but it's still the best. 

"I absolutely love downtown and the east side of Milwaukee," said Kavanagh," I absolutely love Milwaukee. I've lived here for 22 years. There's just so many great opportunities. Summer is amazing in Milwaukee."

Hopefully, the article brings people a view of how great this "little town" truly is.