Vigil held for baby allegedly killed by father

Posted at 5:31 PM, Aug 03, 2016

A vigil was held Wednesday to remember a 3-month-old baby who police say was killed by his own father.

According to police, Sean Flowers Jr. drowned his son, Sean Flowers III in a lake on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

The father was charged with first degree intentional homicide Tuesday.

The child's mother, Marilyn Brown, was too emotional to speak at the vigil but did place a single diaper at the memorial site. 

Her family and loved ones were also at the vigil to support her, along with city representatives and community leaders.

Brown's sister Latasha Jackson spoke on behalf of the family, saying all they can do right now is love each other.

"All we can do is catch each other's tears and just pray together and try to live and get past it you know," said Jackson. "And just be there and make sure he gets what he got coming for doing this."

According to a criminal complaint, Milwaukee Police responded to the Northridge Lakes community Saturday night after receiving a 911 call that Sean Flowers Jr. was sitting near the lake threatening to throw the child in.

When officers arrived, Sean Flowers Jr. was in the lake with the baby and refused to come out.

A civilian and officers swam into the lake trying to rescue the baby. The child was brought back to shore but efforts to resuscitate the infant were unsuccessful.

Another officer grabbed Flowers Jr. to bring him back to the shore. At one point, Flowers told officers he was going to "burn in hell" for killing his son.

Police say Flowers became combative with them, and officers had to tase him.

Police also say interviews with family members and witnesses revealed that Flowers was angry with the child's mother for dancing at a family party that night.

Flowers later claimed not to remember the events of that night, only remembering that police tased him, according to the complaint.

District 9 Alderwoman Chantia Lewis attended the vigil Wednesday and said the entire city is grieving with this family.

"When we lose a child prematurely, when a family has to deal with these types of circumstances, it's one where everyone takes pause," said Lewis.

Robert Amstadt lives in the apartment building next to where the crime happened and says he witnessed the entire incident.

"I'm still devastated by it," he said.

He and neighbor Nick Pyant started a memorial for baby Sean along the lake.

"Put something there to pay our respects to the family," said Pyant.

And Jackson said her family was thankful for the memorial and for everyone who tried to save her baby nephew that night.

"We thank you for all the love and support from the community," she said.

Sean Flowers Jr. will appear in court again later this month. He faces life in prison if convicted.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page.