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VIDEO: Armed robber caught on camera at Greenfield George Webb

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 10:02:12-04

Greenfield police are looking for the suspect who robbed the George Webb restaurant on W. Forest Home Avenue on July 3rd. 

The man, armed with a knife, walked into the restaurant without a disguise. He ordered the two employees to lay down on the floor.

He later put on his sweatshirt’s hoodie and sunglasses before taking off with more than $400. 

“I’ve got a face, I’ve got a criminal who needs to be caught, but I don’t know who he is at this moment,” said Greenfield Police Detective Chuck Fletcher. 

Employees declined an interview but the manager of the Greenfield George Webb says they were so shaken up the restaurant closed for business the next day.

This robbery happened just four days after another crime at a different George Webb about two and a half miles away. In that case, an angry customer punched a female employee in the face. Another worker pulled out her concealed carry weapon and scared him off.

Security camera footage captured that incident.

As of Thursday, Milwaukee police still haven’t made an arrest in that case, but officers say they are searching for a “known” suspect. 

A spokesperson for George Webb restaurants released the following statement Thursday: 

"The 2028 W. Mitchell St. location WILL REMAIN OPEN 24-hours a day. George Webb Restaurants is partnering with “Operation Impact” who will be providing security in and around the location. Our goal is to keep all restaurants open 24-hours per day. Security protocols are being reviewed in all locations to ensure employee and guest safety."

Operation Impact is a crime-fighting community group. 

“This is traumatic for a business, it’s traumatic for the employees, it’s not about the dollar amount,” said Detective Fletcher. 

“That’s a long impact on not only the employees but also the customers,” he continued.