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Veterans Park torn up after Harley-Davidson celebration

Posted at 6:55 PM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 11:16:50-04

MILWAUKEE -- Cleanup is already underway along the lakefront after Harley Davidson's 115th anniversary celebration. 

Rain coupled with bigs crowds left quite a mess at Veterans Park. The ones who threw the party are now responsible for getting the field back to pristine shape. 

"It looks like Milwaukee had a good weekend," said Josh Olson of Milwaukee 

A good Harley-Davidson anniversary weekend leaves veterans park torn up and muddy. It was the first thing Olson and his friends noticed Monday afternoon when they arrived to play spike ball in the rain. The sloppy field will only get worse before it gets better as tear down of tents and stages is imminent.

"We were certainly prepared to do whatever was needed to clean up veterans park after we left," said Matt King with Harley Davison.  

King said they plan to leave it in better shape than when they arrived.

"As soon as weather permits, we're going to be bringing crews in to level out the ground, fill in all the ruts and start planting grass so it's as green and beautiful by the end of the summer," he said. 

Just north at Bradford Beach, you can hardly notice a major sand-racing event was held there over the weekend. The track fencing is already torn down and ready to be hauled away. 

Back at Veterans Park, Harley Davison has hired landscapers as they expect field repairs to take multiple weeks. 

"We'll see how they can salvage the field," said Olson.  

Looking ahead to Harley Davidson's next big anniversary celebration in 5 years, King said the goal is to make it bigger and better than what we saw over the weekend.