Veteran beaten and robbed in Waukesha

He faces thousands in dental care costs
Posted at 7:17 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-29 07:21:37-04

Waukesha police are investigating after a veteran who claimed he was brutally beaten on a bike ride home.
Robert George said four men came out nowhere to attack him Tuesday night. All they took was petty cash, but now he's in the hole several thousand for dental care.

"I live in a pretty decent neighborhood," George said. "I've done it multiple times, pretty much the same route."
What George thought was a safe bike ride home from a friend's house turned into a vicious attack he never saw coming at the corner of Madison Street and Hine Avenue.

"It was just a straight beat down,” he said. "Four gentlemen in the driveway between the cars came out and pushed me off my bike."

George said he tried to fight back.

"I was getting hit from all sides, my back, here, shoulder," he said.

Worst of all, George claimed his mouth was slammed into the concrete, leaving severe damage to his front teeth.

"It broke my front two teeth and a third one, split chin," he said.

George said when he came to his senses the suspects were gone. He said all they took was $17 from his pocket.

"They left my phone and my bike," he said.

George was rushed to the hospital for injuries that now leave him in a predicament.
"I'm a full time student," George said.

As a retired Army veteran, he has health coverage but no dental insurance.

"The V.A. doesn't cover it, not unless you're 100 percent, which I'm not," he said.

George needs to come up with several thousands to fix his smile. While police search for whoever’s responsible, George wants neighbors to be aware.

"It definitely wasn't their first time, it was coordinated," he said.

George gave an official statement to Waukesha police on Friday. He said the four suspects were white men in their 20s, wearing dark clothing.

If you would like to help this veteran, click here.

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