Vandals break into at least a dozen cars on south side

Posted at 9:33 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 23:18:32-05

South side residents are taping up car windows before bed after they say vandals broke into at least a dozen cars.

"Tape and plastic for the night," explained Linda Chojnacki.

Police have five reports of things being taken from vehicles near 12th and Montana overnight. 

"Came out to find out the door open, windows busted," said Chojnacki.

"My cousin's glove compartment was completely open.  Everything was tossed out, thrown everywhere," explained Jose Perez.

Car owners say crooks stole money, tools, car batteries, a radio' and they even siphoned gas.  They say the worst part is the damage.

"It's stressful cause you know I'm just trying to get up off my feet, get ahead and you can't get ahead if somebody comes and does this amount of damage to your car and property," explained Chojnacki.

Neighbors don't think the robbers knew who they were hurting, but they can't help but take it personally.

"They don't know me and if you tainted with my personal property or my personal stuff you're tainting with my life," said George Cruz.

They're left with a mess and nerves.

"Just thinking about who did it it's not a good feeling," said Katelyn Chojnacki.

Residents will be on guard just in case.

"What if they, you know, try to come and try to break into the houses.  You never know what people are capable of nowadays.  It's like people have just been getting worse.  It's just like they stopped caring," said Perez.

Neighbors say the thieves left behind a screwdriver, fingerprints, and blood.  They're hoping that helps police find out who's responsible.  

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